Skincare Ritual for Pigmentation

We often hear about 'pigmentation' but what actually is it?

Pigmentation is where patches of skin have become darker due to a build up of melanin not normally present in that individual's complexion.

It is usually caused by inflammation & sun exposure, but can also be triggered by hormonal changes.

Remember, pigmentation - like any other skin concern - is only an issue if it bothers you. Just don't forget to apply suncream daily. 

If pigmentation is causing you grief, we have the perfect skincare ritual.

Consistency with this skincare ritual will restore suppleness & balance to the skin, while fading unwanted pigmentation spots. You'll be glowing from within!


First, douse your face with our Wild Rose Botanical Mist
This beauty has a super fine mist, smells divine & will refresh & brighten your complexion instantly.

Next, apply a couple of pumps of our Wild Plum Illuminating C Complex serum.
With a gorgeous texture & vibrant yolky colour, this serum is a powerhouse packed full of botanical actives, brilliant at brightening & restoring deep hydration.

Now it's time for the eyes. Takes a pea sized amount of our Bio Active Eye Serum & dot around the eye area, focusing on the outer portion of the eye. This beautiful, whipped-like formula harnesses the power of clinically tested actives, chosen for their ability to target puffiness, dark circles, fine lines & wrinkles.

Finally top it off with oil-based Bakuchiol Cell Regenerating Serum. Another highly active product powered by nature, Bakuchiol will assist fade dark spots & reduce skin sagging.


No matter what your day looked like, always start your evening ritual with a good cleanse. 

Lay a warm cloth over your face, allowing it to gently open your pores. Take 6-8 drops of our Neroli Cleansing Oil & massage it into the skin. Take your time, remembering to inhale the luxurious aroma. Your skin will be left clean, soft & glowing. If you've been wearing makeup or had a rough day, ensure you double cleanse. 

Next, generously spritz your face with our Wild Rose Botanical Mist. More of a serum than your traditional face mist, it also acts as a carrier, enabling deeper penetration & more receptive absorption of what you place on top. 

Care for the delicate eye area by applying a pea sized amount of the Bio Active Eye Serum. Use your ring finger to lightly tap the product in until absorbed; an advanced wrinkle solution for this thin delicate skin.

Lastly, apply a few drops of the Bakuchiol Cell Regenerating Serum. The perfect natural Retinol alternative, with all of the benefits but none of the irritation. The first product in our uncompromising Age Less Beauty collection, created for women who want concentrated, natural & active skincare that combats the signs of sun damage & skin ageing. 

Weekly Treatment

Once a week, treat yourself to a Wild Berry Honey Masque dermal roll using our 0.5 Dermal Roller.

Wild Berry will gently exfoliate, draw out impurities & toxins, nourish, hydrate & brighten the skin. This multi-tasking product will leave your skin looking incredibly healthy & beautifully radiant. 

Our 0.5 Dermal Roller induces the production of collagen & elastin, improves skin texture, fades scarring & enables up to 40% better absorption of products. With consistent use, this secret weapon increases skin firmness & reduces hyperpigmentation, scars & wrinkles depth. We highly recommend!


Have you already tried any of these goodies? If so, let us know what benefits you saw.