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As our skin ages collagen and elastin production slows and our skin sags. The AGE LESS BEAUTY collection induces collagen & elastin, targeting sagging skin, improving scarring and reducing pigmentation. 

The powerful Age Less Beauty collection includes our award winning Bakuchiol Collagen Regenerating Serum, all new Bio Active Eye Serum & the GOLD  collagen inducing Dermal Roller, for advanced deep cellular renewal. 

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"My philosophy for beautifully radiant skin at every age has always been about feeding the skin the nutrients it needs." - Nicole, Founder.

Incorporating our Dermal Roller into your weekly skincare ritual will increase the absorption of these precious active, vitamin rich serums (up to 40%) & increase your skin's natural production of collagen & elastin (up to 400% after 6 months use). 

Research has shown that  micro-needling leads to the reorganisation of old collagen fibres & the laying down of new collagen, elastin & capillaries, leading to the effect of skin tightening.There is a significant increase in the level of collagen type I, III, and VII, newly synthesised collagen & elastin. This percutaneous collagen induction leads to an overall youthful appearance, reducing fine lines & wrinkles, reducing pore size, plus increased suppleness & elasticity.

These effects are further enhanced when combined with topical application of an active vitamin C serum, like our potent Bakuchiol Cell Regenerating Serum

Age Less Beauty includes: 

Bakuchiol Cell Regenerating Serum 30 ml 

Bio Active Eye Serum 15 ml 

Dermal Roller Collagen Induction device 0.5 mm


Once per week. Use the Dermal Roller as per instructions on the individual product page for this Item. Gently apply the Bakuchiol Serum and Bio Active Eye Serum. 


Value $328 Save $30


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