The Beauty Industry is notorious for excessive and unnecessary waste and it is up to us all to shop consciously and reduce and minimise the footprint we leave behind on this precious earth. 

We are committed to a circular beauty model and being mindful of our carbon footprint. We truly care about our beautiful planet and as sustainability keeps evolving we will continually challenge ourselves to find the best solutions for our customers, our business and our planet. ​

The best choice for Wildcrafted Organics at this time is to use a combination of supplying refills and reusing and sterilising returned bottles and jars. We accept back all our packaging at no cost to the consumer. Returned Dermal Rollers and plastic accessories such as pumps will be sent to Terracycle for recycling and our customers that participate in our Circular Beauty Initiative will be rewarded with a discount code to use on their next order. 

Return your clean bottles, jars, plastic pumps, dermal rollers etc. to us.

Simply follow the instructions below and we will send you a prepaid postage label to return your used bottles and jars to us.

  1. Collect at least 4 glass bottles or jars and all associated accessories including used Derma Rollers
  2. Remove the accessories and components such as pumps and atomisers and wash bottles, jars and accessories with hot soapy water
  3. Fill out the form on this page to receive your carbon neutral postal label from us via email.
  4. ​​Print your reply-paid label and attach this to your package (keep one of the ones I send your order in)
  5. Send your parcel back to us via your local Australia Post office (please note that this is a carbon neutral parcel delivery service)

We send all our accessories and components to Teracycle to be recycled and recycle or reuse glass jars and bottles after a very thorough cleaning and sterilisation process.

Also, to say thank you for doing your part for the earth, you will receive a 10% discount code to use on your next order.

Together, we can make a positive change.