Caring for the delicate eye area

There can understandably be confusion around eye specific skincare products. Are they really necessary? What do they do? When should I add one into my skincare ritual?

So let's look these questions together.

Why is an eye product necessary?

Well, the skin around & under your eyes is thin.
While the skin on your face is approximately seven times thinner than that on your body, the skin around your eyes (& lips) is seven times thinner again! 

All things eye-related, whether internal or external, are extremely delicate.

This makes the eyes particularly susceptible to showing early signs of ageing.

Caused by environmental (UV damage, wind, heating, air-conditioning) & lifestyle factors (squinting while laughing, reacting to light etc), the first early visible signs of ageing are typically fine lines, crepey skin & general loss of volume & elasticity. 

Another reason why this area is prone to showing early ageing signs like dryness, sagging, fine lines & wrinkles, is because there's less collagen here & far fewer oil glands. 

If you have any of these concerns then - yes - an eye product would be a lovely addition to your skincare ritual.

Why can't I just used my face cream?

Skincare formulated for the face is generally too heavy for the delicate eye area. 

It cannot be utilised as effectively by the skin in this region & thus will not be as beneficial, meaning you're not likely to see as great results.

This is why we would recommend using a product that has been thoughtfully & specifically formulated to care for this area.

What ingredients should I be looking for?

Everyone is different in what they want from their eye product. 

Some are in need for brightening, some want to treat fine lines, while others want to de-puff. 

It's for this reason that we've specifically formulated our Bio Active Eye Serum to be highly effective in treating a range of concerns. 

At a basic level, ingredients contained within your eye product should be:

  • Highly nourishing
  • Antioxidant rich: these powerful ingredients fight free radical damage caused by UV rays, pollution & other environmental factors
  • Stimulate collagen & elastin production  
  • Bio active ingredients
  • free from fragrances & other drying nasties

As well as the above, our Bio Active Eye Serum contains star ingredients: 

  • Bakuchiol (Sytheon Sytenol A): a concentrated natural Retinol alternative clinically proven to reduce multiple signs of ageing (e.g. reducing fine lines, lightening pigmentation & supporting 
  • Argieline Amplified Peptide: treats skin sagging & fine lines, clinically proven to achieve a five year younger effect in five days
  • Palmitoyl Isoleucine: a naturally derived lipoamino & bio active peptide that assists tissues repair & visibly plumps, reducing wrinkle depth & firming the skin
  • DPHP Diplamitoyl Hydroxyproline: a bio active peptide, it treats skin sagging & fine lines, plus moisturises, its clinically proven to reduce wrinkles up to 32% & increase firmness up to 14%
  • Eyeseryl: a peptide solution specifically designed for eye care, contains a tetrapeptide with proven efficacy in reducing puffiness in only 15 days
  • Quandong (Desert Peach): high in bioflavonoid Rutin, it lightens dark circles, stimulates collagen production, soothes redness & softens fine lines, while alpha-amino acids lock in moisture & maintain hydration in the area

When should I start using an eye-specific product?

We would argue, before you start noticing early signs of ageing. Why? Because like anything, prevention is easier than cure. 

Otherwise, we would recommend using a targeted eye product from 23-25 years of age at the latest.

Does application technique matter?

Essentially, be gentle. As we've already discovered, the skin in the eye area is delicate.

Here's how we recommend you apply your Bio Active Eye Serum:

  • Use either your pinky or ring finger
  • Dab the eye serum around the area, careful not to pull or drag
  • Don't forget your upper lid
  • Dab until the product is absorbed  

Final take away tips

Opt for an oil-based cleanser.
Oil cleansers are more effective at removing makeup, drawing out impurities without outstripping the skin, while simultaneously delivering balanced nourishment.

Be gentle around your eyes during makeup removal & oil cleansing.
Use a gentle cleansing cloth to assist the oil cleansing process, without pulling the skin.
Our Luxury Cleansing Cloths are a blend of unbleached organic cotton & bamboo, perfect for the job. 

Be regular with your skincare ritual.
Just like exercise, if you want to see the best results then consistency is key. 

And last, but certainly not least - remember to wear mineral based sun protection, sun glasses & a hat when outside, & drink plenty of water each day!