Winter Skin

The weather has definitely changed there is a real chill in the air (yes even on the sunny Gold Coast) and it is this time of the year that we need to show our skin a little more love and understanding.

If your in the country as I was for six years you will be feeling it more than anyone else. Your skin feels parched, dehydrated, dry and sensitive - those character lines seem a whole lot more prominent.

A quick little story - a couple of winters ago we took the boys skiing in the beautiful high country of Thredbo, NSW. I packed up everything for everyone else and managed to walk out without my skincare and makeup. AAARRGGHHHH !!! I exaggerate not my skin looked and felt at least 10 years older - dry, dehydrated and sensitive.

My advice for dealing with Winter Skin

Gentle Products

Swap your foaming cleanser for an Oil Cleanser as it will not strip your skin of its precious oils.

Neroli Cleansing Oil


Protect & Hydrate your skin

Our Wild Rose Mist contains Hyaluronic Acid and the Wild Plum extract that is proven to increase the skins hydration but it also contains Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide which protects the skins precious and often compromised barrier. The Wild Plum Serum will provide extra hydration and is also the more anti ageing of the two Hydrating products. I use both.


Nourish & Heal

damaged skin with the Everlasting Beauty Balm. This product offers unsurpassed nourishment for the skin and when my skin is feeling parched - I use this during the day. I use the Bakuchiol after Hydrating at night as it too is incredibly nourishing but also contains the concentrated anti ageing actives that I desire.


Encourage the turn over of new skin cells by using an exfoliating treatment such as our Wild Berry masque. The natural enzymes in the wildflower honey gently dissolve dead skin cells. The Native Hibiscus Polish used as a Polish not a masque will exfoliate dead skin cells and leave your skin baby soft and primed to absorb all the skin loving goodness of your serums or balm. 


So you see with the right products your skin does not need to suffer through the cold winter months. If you have any questions or need some help choosing the right skincare ritual for you don't forget to try our Complimentary Skin Consultation via our website.

Nicole x