Everlasting Beauty Balm - designed to melt on contact with your skin

As Summer approaches and the temperature rises your Everlasting Beauty Balm may arrive in a liquid form or may even have melted and reformed upside down or it could even look like tiny little balls and feel slightly grainy. 

The Everlasting Beauty Balm is a wax less, skin loving potion made with the highest quality exotic butters and precious cold pressed oils. It melts on contact with your skin and sinks easily into the deeper layers of the skin where it nourishes and hydrates like no other product. I chose not to include a wax as balms made with wax feel like they coat and sit on the outer layer of the skin.  

why does it melt?

Kokum, Cupuaco, Murumura & Tucuma Butter are all firm in a cooler temperature but have a relatively low melting point causing them to easily melt with fluctuating temperatures in transit or during our hot summer days.  The little balls or grainy ness is formed because of the butters different melting points and the fact that they have melted and reformed at a slower rate. Your Balm could arrive in a completely liquid state and is why we have included the little card in the packaging reminding you to be careful on opening and with instructions on how to reform your balm. 

does this affect the quality of my balm?

No the efficacy of the balm is completely unaffected and if it’s grainy you will find the little balls all melts back together on contact with your warm skin. 

how to reform your Precious balm 

1) Melt the balm completely - with the lid on place in a sunny spot for around 10 minutes or screw lid on tightly and place in a shallow dish of hot water.

2) With a clean sanitised ( place in boiling water for a few minutes) spoon stir gently so you don’t spill it. 

3) Place your balm (lid on) into your refrigerator overnight. 

Your Balm will now look lovely and smooth again but you might have noticed the Gold when it was liquid and this will now be somewhere inside. 

Keep your precious balm somewhere cool or if necessary in the refrigerator during the hot months it will still melt beautifully into your skin and be oh so soothing.

Enjoy every moment

Nicole x