How to give yourself a SPA like facial at home

Just because we are all confined to home and can’t see our regular facialist doesn’t mean our skin has to suffer. We all know how important it is to keep those pores nice and clean and REFINED ie small.This is easy to do at home all by yourself. Follow my steps below and your skin will feel like you have just walked out of the beauty salon and the best part is that for the cost of a normal facial you will be able to treat yourself for between 10 - 15 facials.

1. Cleanse with the Neroli Cleansing Oil, massage into dry skin on the face and neck using upward, circular movements. Cup your nose and take a deep breath. Soak a facial cloth in hot ( not scalding) water and hold it against your face for a minute to steam and activate oils, wipe away. Repeat this last step one to two more times

2. Hydrate and plump the skin with the Wild Rose Botanical Mist

3. For deep cleansing use the Native Hibiscus Polish. In a small masking bowl add three heaped spoonfuls of powder using the spoon provided, then add a little less water or hydrosol and mix together. Using fingers or a masking brush apply mask to the face avoiding the delicate area around the eyes. Leave on for at least 5 minutes or until dry. Wet the mask with wet fingers and polish using small circular motions before rinsing clean with tepid water.

This mask deep cleanses, exfoliates and refines pores.


In a small masking bowl add two heaped spoonfuls of the Wild Berry, emulsify by trickling some water on top or two pumps of the Wild Rose Botanical Mist. Mix together with fingertips or a masking brush then apply mask to the face avoiding the delicate eye area. Relax for at least 10 minutes before wetting the mask with wet fingertips and gently massaging off with small circular motions and rinsing clean with tepid water. Alternatively you can use your wet facial cloth to remove the mask.

4. Mist with the Wild Rose Botanical Mist

 5. Now it is time to Nourish your skin - massage your Wildflowers Serum or Everlasting Beauty Balm into freshly misted skin - you can use your Gua Sha to massage. If your using the Bakuchiol Serum to nourish please warm a few drops between your fingers and press onto the skin if you have a dermal roller use this accordingly.

Don't forget that diet and lifestyle habits influence the state of your skin so drink plenty of water, take EFA’s and eat a diverse healthy diet. Make sure you get plenty of good quality sleep.

Now Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I of course will have a beautiful gift with purchase for orders over $200 from now until then. I haven’t got any visuals but I can tell you it is gorgeous. It’s a nourishing body serum with Vitamin C and COQ10 - it diminishes imperfections with a subtle bronzed tone and the scent is frangipani and Ylang Ylang. More details to follow.

Nicole x