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Exfoliation is akin to a skin rebirth. Shedding old, dull cells on the surface reveals a vibrant, smooth, fresh complexion beneath. The skin's natural exfoliation process (desquamation) slows with age, but with a physical or chemical exfoliant, we can help stimulate and support this natural rejuvenation. 

Let's explore how our Wild Lime Fruit Acid Peel and Native Hibiscus Polish can refine and revitalise a dull, congested or uneven complexion. 

Physical vs Chemical Exfoliation: What's the Difference?

Exfoliating clears dead cells from the skin's surface, addressing dullness, congestion and pigmentation concerns to reveal a brighter, softer, smoother complexion. This is a crucial (but often skipped!) step in your skincare routine to keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant. 

Exfoliation falls into two categories: chemical and physical.

Chemical exfoliants use natural acids, AHAs and BHA, or fruit enzymes to dissolve the bonds that cling dead cells to the skin's surface and purify pores of impurities.

Then, there are physical exfoliants. These are formulated with tiny particles like rice powder, salt, oatmeal, or sugar that must be manually moved across the skin to slough away the dead layers. 

Some exfoliant formulas offer a hybrid approach for the best of both worlds, teaming physical particles like oatmeal and rice with natural acids and enzymes. 

Physical and Chemical Exfoliation with Wildcrafted Organics

Your skin type and concerns should guide your choice of physical, chemical, or hybrid exfoliant. Wildcrafted Organics offers both options; let's explore them further.  

Chemical Exfoliation: Wild Lime Fruit Acid Peel

Suitable for: Dry, Dehydrated and ageing skin, pigmentation, combination, oily and normal.

Our Wild Lime Fruit Acid Peel is a skin brightening, non-abrasive peel that harnesses the power of AHA's in a unique Australian Wild Lime complex to gently resurface the skin. 


  • Dissolves dead cells to reveal a fresh, glowing complexion
  • Increases Hydration for up to 72 hours
  • Supports skin hydration and regeneration 
  • Softens the appearance of fine lines 
  • Brightens skin and fades hyperpigmentation

The Wild Lime Fruit Acid Peel combines two AHA complexes -a  sustainably sourced wildcrafted Wild Lime Complex and the second is Pentafruit a powerful fruit AHA complex. These two proprietary botanical complexes offer a unique combination of benefits to rejuvenate the skin, and together, they're a mighty duo.

Wild Lime is a bioactive complex comprising three indigenous Australian Caviar Lime, Desert Lime, and Rainforest Lime. This dynamic citrus trio is brimming with gentle AHAs, true champions of skin rejuvenation. They lighten skin pigmentation, soften fine lines, and improve skin texture. Plus, AHAs stimulate collagen production, encouraging a firmer visage. 

PentaFruit  is a carefully crafted blend of natural fruit extracts, including Bilberry, Sugar Cane, Sugar Maple, Orange, and Lemon. The complex also contains glycolic and lactic acid (AHAs) working in harmony with the extracts to counteract signs of ageing and skin dullness by promoting cellular renewal.

The Ritual  After Cleansing apply a thin layer over the face and neck. Relax for up to 15 minutes, rinse off with warm water and pat skin dry. 


Physical Exfoliation: Native Hibiscus Polish 

Skin type when used as a masque  Normal, Combination and particularly  Acne-prone and oily.

Skin type when used as a polish only. Normal, Combination, Dry, dehydrated and mature skin types

Native Hibiscus Polish offers physical and chemical exfoliation and can be used as a polish and a weekly deep cleansing masque. 

This water-activated enzyme powder formula brightens and smooths skin in a two-step process. Rice powder, oatmeal extract and rosehip seed powder are gentle physical exfoliants that team with a blend of clays to gently absorb and sweep away debris and impurities.

Then, papaya enzymes work synergistically with the AHAs from hibiscus and salicylic acid from white willow powder helping gently disperse excess dead skin cells. 


  • Purifies skin and clears congestion
  • Natural AHAs brighten and exfoliate
  • Encourages cell turnover resulting in fresher skin
  • Antioxidant protection against free radical damage
  • Refines pores 
  • Encourages collagen regeneration

The Ritual  When using as a masque, apply two spoonfuls of polish with a little less water to form a paste. Smooth over freshly misted or wet skin, sit back, relax and allow the masque to dry. Gently polish off and rinse, pat skin dry.

When using as a Polish, only leave on the skin for a couple of minutes before polishing off and then rinsing. 

For best results when using either of these products follow with either or both the Wild Rose Botanical Mist and the Wild Plum Illuminating C Serum to hydrate the skin. The next step is to nourish the skin with either the Everlasting Beauty Balm, Wildflowers or Bakuchiol serum.

Use up to a maximum of three times a week and not on the same night as you use your dermal roller.

As with all resurfacing treatments containing AHA's we recommend that you patch test prior to use and start with leaving for just a few minutes before increasing the amount of time you leave on.

SUNBURN WARNING As these products contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids AHA's which may increase your skins sensitivity to the sun and sunburn. Use a sunscreen, and limit sun exposure while using this products.

Have questions about which exfoliant is right for your skin? Reach out to our team; we’re here to help!