Elevate your Beauty Sleep

We've all heard the phrase "beauty sleep," but did you know that getting quality rest is one of the most effective ways to keep your skin looking its best? This is why we created our Beauty Sleep Ritual, a ritual that renews your skin overnight, increases both the collagen and hydration of your skin and hair, and reduces creases and fine lines, all while you sleep.

Sleeping on Silk 

Sleeping on silk has many benefits to both your skin and your hair. Unlike cotton pillow slips which absorb your skincare products drying out the skin, our Luxury silk pillow slip is infused with hyaluronic acid and argan oil and provides skin plumping hydration and nourishment to your skin and hair as you sleep.

Benefits of Silk 

⭐️ Hydrates, nourishes & soothes the skin as you sleep

⭐️ Reduces hair breakage & frizz 

⭐️ Reduces sleep wrinkles 

⭐️ Does not absorb your applied PM skincare

⭐️ Hypoallergenic 

⭐️ Naturally repels dust mites which can live on pillows  


Mist your Silk pillow with either the Jasmine Rose Advanced Hydration Mist or Wild Rose Botanical Mist. Enriched with a nourishing blend of botanical extracts and key ingredients such as

⭐️ Pentavitin provides instant hydration that lasts for up to 48 hours

⭐️ Wild Plum extract increases both hydration of the skin and induction of collagen.

⭐️ Hyaluronic acid & Niacinimide 

these potent mists ( you can choose which Mist you would like added to your Ritual )  hydrate and nourish your skin and hair, all night long, promoting a glowing complexion and silky-soft locks upon waking.

Then apply your Beauty Sleep Aromachology blend. Apply to pulse points, the back of your neck, and the soles of your feet. Created with therapeutic grade essential oils, including chamomile, lavender, clary sage, and vetiver to ease anxiety and promote a deeply restful sleep. 

Finally relax into your luxurious silky soft pillow slip infused with skin loving Hyaluronic acid and argan oil.  The pillow slip can be replenished any time with either our Wild Rose Botanical Mist or Jasmine Rose Advanced Hydration Mist.

Sweet Dreams 

Some other tips to help your sleep space 

1) Wear blue blocker glasses: Reduce exposure to blue light from electronic devices before bedtime by wearing blue blocker glasses. Blue light emitted by screens can disrupt your body's natural sleep-wake cycle and suppress the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating sleep. By wearing blue blocker glasses in the evening, you can minimize the impact of blue light on your sleep and promote better rest. 

2) Create a Sleep Sanctuary: Transform your bedroom into a place you look forward to going to. Opt for soft, soothing lighting or bedside lamps to create a calming atmosphere conducive to relaxation. Choose bedding made from natural, breathable fabrics like organic cotton or silk to promote airflow and regulate body temperature for a comfortable sleep environment.